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Towsafe is a Western Australia licensed repairer


Let Tow-Safe take the hassle out of licensing your American or overseas built trailer. We can convert your trailer to meet Australian standards in accordance with Vehicle Standards Bulletin 1

The following are some of the more common US Trailer Modifications that we offer:

Hitch Replacement

Coupling/hitches are required to comply with Australian standard.

ball couplings on Tow-Safe

50mm ball couplings up to 3.5ton
70mm ball couplings up to 4.5ton

Rated Safety Chains

Stamped and rated chains up to 4.5ton.

Vehicle Plates

We can supply, engrave and attach V.I.N. tags. We also supply and fit "imported used trailer" tags.

Over Width

Trailers imported from the states with a width exceeding 2.5m will require modifications to conform to the standards. We offer a range of solutions to solve this issue.

Brake Systems

We carry a wide range of American brake components from Disc rotors thru to stainless steel calipers and flexible brake lines. Trailers with an aggregate trailer mass in excess of 2000kg will require all wheels to be braked.

American brake systems

Breakaway Brake Systems

Trailers that have a gross vehicle weight exceeding 2000kg require a braking system that causes an immediate application of the trailer brakes in the event of the trailer becoming detached from the towing vehicle. We offer a wide range of braking systems, such as a standard Hydrastar thru to wireless systems that simply plug into the cigarette lighter of a suitable tow vehicle.

Brake Away Systems by Tow-Safe


Due to American trailers utilising the brake lights as indicators additional wiring and amber tail lights are required. We can fit water proof L.E.D. combination tail and side lights to meet the Australian design rules.