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Towsafe is a Western Australia licensed repairer

Trailer Parts (US Imported Trailer Parts also available)

Tow-Safe carry an extensive range of parts for domestic and American trailers. Here are some examples of the parts kept in stock:

Brake parts

Slide over disc rotor by Tow-safe    Tow-Safe Stainless steel brake caliper Perth    Full US brake assembly on Tow-Safe   

We have most types of components on hand to meet your braking requirements. Specialising in boat trailer braking systems, we offer a range of stainless steel calipers which in most cases, can be retrofitted to your current brake system

Brake actuators with break-away systems

Electric and Hydraulic Wireless Brakes    Electric and Hydraulic Standard Brakes    Electric and Hydraulic Brakes    Electric brake actuators   

We stock a range of breakaway units including Electric, Electric / Hydraulic and also "wireless" type brake actuators. These "wireless" controllers can simply be plugged into any capable tow vehicles cigarette lighter socket thus eliminating the need for any wiring mods and a hard wired controller to be fitted. This unit is perfect for trailers that are to be used with several tow vehicles or for hire type trailers.

American parts

American Dust and Oil caps on Tow-Safe    American Slave cylinders for drum brakes in Perth    Imported US brake calipers and pads   

Tow safe also carry most common parts to service your imported American trailer, from brake pads and calipers to bearings and seals.


tail lights in Perth    Lighting via LED    Lighting in Perth Tow-safe   

We have a large selection of lights to suit your trailer from Budget combination tail lights thru to L.E.D. (Light Emitting Diodes) type tail and side markers which are fully sealed making them waterproof and ideal for marine applications.